Stories and experiences


“Thanks to the master I could deepen my knowledge on Risk Management topics, an area where I can notice a growing demand in the job market. Nowadays, working for an Asset Manager at a global level, I can say I find many of the topics discussed during the course. Although I was not a purely quantitative point of view, some of the master’s courses have allowed me to have the knowledge to be able to learn more about other topics”.
(Mario Frediani, Italy)

“This Master gave me the possibility to get an in-depth knowledge of financial and risk topics studied during the years at University. Theoretical classes are often held by experts offering a privileged connection to companies. In addition to courses, I also did a three-month internship in a Pension fund which was really challenging and which granted me a first access to the labor market. Today I am part of BNP Securities Services as a performance and risk analyst, and I can say that this Master gave me the tools and the knowledge I need in my job every day”.
(Adele Bologna, Italy)

“I undertook the Master in Risk Management thinking about the job opportunities which could offer and I have to admit that today has proved a winning choice. The overall experience was crucial for my current employment in financial advice.
The program provides a quantitative oriented approach that can be applied across a broad financial industry spectrum (Banking, Insurance, Advisory, Pension Fund) regarding risk management and financial markets.
The courses require a lot of work and personal study but the teaching staff provides great motivation and support to get through it.
The opportunity to meet with professional managers from prominent financial institutions has greatly increased my financial background and gave me great tips to deal with job seeking. Furthermore, the ability to interact directly with the managers allows to overcome initial unwillingness and to understand the business.
In addition I had an internship opportunity in a primary Italian pension fund, an interesting experience that has improved my CV.
I recommended the Master in Risk Management both to the students with an economic education and to those which a scientific background who want to build a career in the financial world”.
(Lorenzo Volta, Italy)

“Almost every graduate who applies for a master program has certain expectations and ambitions. I too was not an exception. During the course, I tried to acquire knowledge as much as possible for my career ahead. The 6 hour long intensive course suited me well, taking into consideration I had to study at home to have the necessary understanding of knowledge to follow the course. A major part of the teaching was highly theoretical and difficult to understand without a good mathematical and analytical background. But, with the help of both – the colleagues and the professors –, it was possible to overcome the hurdles. I am delighted that besides the studies, the bonding among the students in the class was at an amicable level, which was also supported by teaching staff by organizing different events. And so, I am glad to say that during the year of Master Risk Management course I have significantly improved my knowledge and competence in making decisions in regards to asset management, and I have acquainted with great, humble and aspiring people”.
(Rudolfs Kregers, Latvia)