Master in Risk Management. Models and Data Science for Finance, Insurance and Business

Piazza del Duomo, Pisa

Piazza del Duomo, Pisa

The Master Risk Management (MRM) is an international, full time, Master course organized by the Dipartimento di Economia e Management, University of Pisa, in collaboration with some prominent Italian and international financial institutions, banks and pension funds. The call for the 2024-2025 edition is open: Notice of admission

The course is entirely taught in English and is meant to provide students with cutting edge theoretical and practical skills to manage the main sources of risk characterizing financial markets, insurance institutions, pension funds or business.
The novelty of the MRM is that it is inspired by an interdisciplinary approach.
This key feature is due to the evidence that globalization needs managers able to analyze risk under different points of view and suggest integrated solutions.
The graduates will be endowed with strong analytic tools and advanced methodologies for risk management, which will be taught by both prominent international academic faculty and managers from financial, insurance and business institutions.

After six months of classes, in which both academic faculty and professional managers will alternate, in the second term the students must elaborate a project work, either as a research work or as a report on an internship-based activity of at least three months.
Such internship, not obligatory, is an opportunity that could be provided by the MRM itself, thanks to the partners participating to its Corporate Network, or by the students themselves.
All applicants benefit from the University of Pisa’s student policy and facilities.
Scholarships are available for some of the MRM’students.

The Master Risk Management graduates are suitable to join international business or financial institutions, pension funds and insurance companies as risk managers, both as internal auditors or as technical analysts.

The Master Risk Management offers a total amount of 3495 euro for 5 scholarships destinated to students without any financial support (699 euro each). Availability of scholarships is conditioned by the number of students enrolled.

NEWS: Enrolment on available places for a. y. 2024/2025,  re-open on 17 July 2024



The MRM Admission Committee will consider applications as follows.

First deadline: 25 June 2024 (collection of applications, review and payment of admission fee). Applications are examined on a rolling basis. Due to the high number of applications, early applicants have a greater chance to be admitted.

Second deadline: 15 July 2024 (payment of first instalment).

After these deadlines, new applications could be considered, depending on the number of  available positions

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